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Zhao, Xingbo
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Research Fields: Nonpertubative quantum field theory Hadron structure Relativistic heavy-ion physics Strong-field QED
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Zhao, Xingbo

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We study hadron structure based on light-front quantum field theory. We apply light-front quantum field theory to Quantum Chormodynamics (QCD) and solve the eigenvalue problem of the corresponding light-front Hamitonian of QCD. The eigenvalues encode the information of hadron mass spectrum and the eigenvectors (light-front wavefunctions) encode the information of hadron structure.


  2001-2005     B.S. in Physics            University of Science and Technology of China 

  2005-2010     Ph.D. in Physics          Texas A&M University

  2010-2015     Postdoc in Physics      Iowa State University

  2015-present Professor in Physics    Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Outputs

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